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What makes our Bed Linen special

Egyptian Cotton is world renowned for being the finest luxury bed linen available. Our expertise, drawn from many years working with this fabric, ensure that we bring you only the very finest quality.

Like anything else, the finest quality can only truly be achieved when made from the finest quality materials. The quality of the cotton depends on the length of the fibres, known as staples. The longer the staple - the better the cotton. The cotton is then carded to remove dirt and short fibres.

However a process called combing is far more meticulous and will remove up to 15% of the fibres. This combing process, used by The Egyptian Cotton Store, will leave only the longest staples, ready for spinning and weaving into the strongest and finest fabric. The result is a fabric which is softer and more sumptuous than any other.

Although the raw cotton is sourced from Egypt, the spinning, weaving and tailoring of your bed linen is finished in Italy or Portugal, who have the specialist expertise to ensure that the finished item compliments this world renowned fabric

What's in a Thread Count

The thread count is the number of threads in a square inch of fabric. This is achieved by measuring the number of threads in the Warp (length) and the weft (width). The most popular cottons will be around 150, while good quality sheets will start at 180. Anything above 200 brings you into the luxury range.

The thread count is also influenced by the construction and quality of the yarn used. With finer threads, such as Egyptian Cotton, more threads can be woven into a square inch, which produces a finer fabric.

It is well to be wary of marketing claims of very high thread counts, sometimes up to 1000. These claims are made by twisting fine gossamer threads to achieve the high numbers for customers who may, understandably, buy on thread count alone.

Bed Linen Components

Bottom Sheets (Fitted and Flat Sheets)
Fitted sheets work best as their elasticised corners keep the sheet secure and prevent it from coming untucked as you move around in your sleep. They are available in sizes from Single to Emperor. All our Fitted Sheets are generous in depth, and are usually deep enough to cover your mattress and topper. For those who prefer a Flat Sheet instead of a Fitted Sheet, you may choose our simple hemmed Flat Sheet.  This is also sometimes preferred, if you have an unusual shaped mattress.
Top Sheets
To create that perfectly beautiful look, a Top Sheet is essential. The Top Sheet boasts an impressive 16cm top hem featuring the embroidery or the design relevant to the range of your choice. Turn this back over your Duvet or Blankets, and it will take your breath away at it's beauty.
When you're making the bed, make sure that the right side of the sheet is facing down against the mattress so that when you turn it back to create a cuff at the top, any embroidery or detailing will be on show. The sides and bottom of the sheet can be tucked in, to give a tailored look, or left to drape your bed, for a shabby-chic styling

Duvet Cover
As the name suggests, this covers your Duvet to keep it clean, and also to provide that elegant look. They mainly come in two styles, a "housewife" which is an edge to edge seamed cover or an "oxford", which has an additional border to the duvet cover, similar to pillow cases. All our Duvet Covers are fastened with hidden buttons at the bottom

Pillowcases - Housewife or Oxford?
A Housewife pillowcase is an edge to edge pillowcase which fits to the contours of your pillow, often the one that is slept on. An Oxford pillowcase has an additional border over the seamed edge. The Oxford pillowcase will feature the design on the border. What you choose is simply down to preference, however we do suggest that when layering pillows to use a plain co-ordinating Housewife underneath and the Oxford on top.
Bed Skirt
The Bed Skirt, sometimes referred to as a Valance, is placed under the mattress, and is usually used to cover the bed base. Many divan bases do not necessarily match the decor of a bedroom, and therefore a Bed Skirt will cover this, while still allowing access to storage underneath.  All Bed Skirts are 41cm deep and feature 2 inverted box pleats at each side and one inverted pleat at centre bottom.

Caring for your linen

Tips before you begin
Home laundering is recommended for all our bed linens. We would recommend that you wash all linens before use and avoid washing with Polyester fabrics. This is because Polyester is prone to pilling, and these pills can stick to the natural fibres and reduce the lustre and sheen of your linen.

Shrinkage will occur with all linens made of natural fibres. The sizing of our bed linens allows for expected shrinkage, which is why we add 5% to the sizes shown in our size information. Washing linens in very high temperatures should be avoided, as this can cause excessive shrinkage.

Washing your bed linens
Bed Linen should be washed in warm water no higher than 40C, (this kills dust mites and removes their residue). Use a gentle detergent followed by a cold rinse. Do not use excessive amounts of washing detergent, as this can clog the fibres. Unless they are very soiled, your linen will be just as clean with a smaller amount of detergent. Remove from the washing machine straight away to avoid wrinkles. Unlike man made fibres, cotton will benefit from line-drying, leaving them almost wrinkle free and smelling fresh. If you wish you may also tumble dry on a low heat. Use the cool down cycle at the end to reduce wrinkles. Shaking your linen before putting it into the tumble dryer will also help reduce creasing. Remove from the tumble dryer promptly after the cycle has finished, and fold carefully, making sure that details such as pillow case sham flanges and sheet cuffs are lying flat.

Press with a warm iron if needed. Iron your bed linens while they are still damp. If the piece is embroidered, ironing on the reverse side will prevent damage to the embroidery. If you can, buy a good Steam Iron, it's a great investment.  The ones with a removable water tank are the best (but avoid the pressurised type, as you have to wait a long time, to wait for the pressure to drop, before you can re-fill.