Purveyors of the finest home linens

The Egyptian Cotton Store was founded in 2004.  The purpose of the store was, and still is, to deliver the most elegant,
the most luxurious and the most innovative designs at mid range prices. Up until then the really finest of linens 
was only enjoyed by the "social elite".  We changed all that!

Since that time we have continued to source the very finest quality yarns and fabrics, all from ethical sources.
We do not buy from wholesalers, nor do we copy from others. We design our own exclusive linens, which are not sold anywhere else.  This is because we know that only our own linens have the attention to detail and the meticulous tailoring that is the sign of the finest luxury home linens. We have factories in Italy and Portugal, both places being renowned for their craftmanship and quality.

We have managed to achieve this high end luxury and maintain our mid range prices. by remaining an Online Store only,
thereby keeping our overheads manageable.

Today we have customers that number in the tens of thousands, many of whom return to us time and time again.  As well as our discerning private clientele, we supply some well known 5 star hotels, adorn many luxury yachts, as well as some of the most prestigious residences round the world.

The Egyptian Cotton Store
Purveyors of the finest home linens